Monday, June 30, 2008

Insult Your Boss Day

My colleague Sandra Okamoto, the only person at the Ledger-Enquirer who intimidates and scares me, pointed out today that Insult Your Boss Day is just around the corner. It's July 23.

Of course, Sandra noted that because I call my boss "Pork Chop" that every day is Insult Your Boss Day for me.

According to the e-mail I was forwarded about the event: At 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on International Insult Your Boss Day, all workers should insult their bosses simultaneously, followed by a communal drink at the nearest bar. You might want to make sure your coworkers are planning to do this before you commit to it. Like senior skip day in high school, it only works if everyone participates. So, don't let your colleagues down.

You can learn more about Insult Your Boss Day and get handy advice at this Web site.


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